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    Is it really love?

    عيون الليل
    هجيري مشرف
    هجيري مشرف

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    Is it really love?

    مُساهمة  عيون الليل في السبت يونيو 07, 2008 5:28 pm

    Love they say is one of the most beautiful feelings. It is an essential part of life, whether ancient or modern- it is never out of season.
    Is it really love?
    or is it just a passing feeling
    am I not convinced?
    a bit uncertain of the feeling

    Is it the way you make me feel?
    so warm with joy and laughter
    or could it be the happiness
    from moments spent together

    The lasting bliss, the kiss I miss,
    The sweetest thoughts without a touch
    The heart that hurts and bears a scar
    thinking how far away you are

    You're on my mind most of the day
    And at night I go to bed and pray
    An angel soft and gentle as you
    Would make my sweetest dreams come true

    Thinking about you alone or in class
    Writing your name on my bathroom ****** glass
    Wishing you were here
    To love hold and care
    Wishing I had you with me
    To cherish and to stare

    Into your soft and beautiful eyes
    As we both travel to the skies
    And mingle with the stars above
    But is it really love

    best regards

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